Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Two things:

1. I've hit a personal milestone. Over the past 4 years of following the Weight Watchers program, I've done really well with it and then at other times, done really badly. The longest I had ever gone on the program without going over my point allowance or just saying "screw it, I need a handful of goldfish" was 10 days. 10 days of sticking exactly to my allotted point consumption and never once "cheating". I am proud to say that as of today, I am now on day 13! And the urge to go over my point allowance hasn't even been an issue!

I have been working out pretty consistently and I feel really good.

2. I signed up for a 5K. It's actually the same one I did as my first one ever 3 years ago. It's a really fun race -- it's the Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam 5K and it's a St. Patrick's Day themed run. The course is nice and the view is beautiful. I'm not trying to break any records or beat my own personal record time but it was an accomplishment to just sign up. The last real race I did was the half marathon in December 2011 so this upcoming race should be fun.

Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 Year in Review


- Went to California for my sister's birthday
- Ate at the Ivy
- Went to Disneyland
- Had the most delicious meal of my life at Blue Bayou inside of Disneyland (the Monte Cristo sandwich)
- Read The Hunger Games in one day
- Read the other two Hunger Games books in about 2 weeks


- Drank too much, ate too much, had a generally fun time
- Helped pack up my dear friends and saw them off to Kansas (insert crying spell here)
- Participated in the Presidential Caucus
- Saw Mitt Romney speak twice, shook his hand both times


- Visited my friend Lindsay in San Francisco
- Had a pretty sweet night out for St. Patrick's Day
- Baked a lot
- Was a delegate at the Clark County Republican Convention
- Went to a midnight showing of "The Hunger Games" with friends, like a 12 year old


- Nothing cool comes to mind


- Made 100 cupcakes for a wedding


- Worked on my tan all day, everyday (I didn't get very tan)
- Read The Help (great book!)
- Drank too much, ate too much, had a generally fun time


- Flew to Kansas
- Helped my friend move
- Went to Wamego, KS and visited the Oz Museum and Winery (win!)
- Drank too much, ate too much, had a generally fun time
- Got plowed into by a guy whose "brakes failed" and thought for sure I would die while I was in mid-spin in the middle of a Kansas highway
- Rode in an ambulance for the first time
- Was admitted to the ER
- Drove to Missouri
- Went to Silver Dollar City
- Saw the Cardinals play the Dodgers in St. Louis
- Baked 200 cupcakes for my cousin's wedding
- Spent some time visiting family in Missouri
- Officially diagnosed with with whiplash


- Met Rob and Kyle of Matchbox Twenty at a radio event
- Went to New York City
- Spent 6 days there
- Went to Los Angeles to see the Cardinals win against the Dodgers in 12 innings
- Saw Mitt Romney speak again, shook his hand again
- Started Chiropractic treatment, went 3 times a week
- Took two COM classes
- Baked a lot


- Went to the Today Show to see Matchbox Twenty
- Went to Bite of Las Vegas and saw Matchbox Twenty again
- Obsessed over the Cardinals
- Chiropractor 3 times a week
- Baked a lot


- Went to Utah for my birthday
- Spent 3 days in isolation at a cabin in the woods
- Turned 26 in peace
- Still obsessed over the Cardinals
- Cried when they lost in the NLCS
- Was Mary Poppins for Halloween
- Had a rockin' Halloween party
- Volunteered for Mitt Romney, met Jon Voight (nice guy!) while making phone calls
- Chiropractor 3 times a week
- Baked a lot


- Cried when Mitt Romney lost the presidential election
- Went to Kansas to visit friends
- Went to the movies on Thanksgiving
- Chiropractor 3 times a week
- Baked a lot


- Got an A- and a B in my COM classes
- Baked a lot
- Had a rockin' Christmas party
- Had a wonderful Christmas
- Had a nice, big, goblet of wine on a low key New Year's Eve

Always Alright

Here's the thing: I have put on a considerable number of pounds in the last year and now I'm trying to take it off. So, because I have this fancy schmancy blog...I'm going to use it to keep myself accountable.

I started doing Weight Watchers and counting points (again) last Sunday, January 20 and by yesterday, January 27, I was down 6.2 lb. I've decided that between that and working out more often, I have developed a pretty good plan to get back into shape and into my favorite jeans.

Weight is and has always been an issue for me. 3 years ago I lost 60 lb. It took about 9 months of eating well and working my ass off (quite literally) but I did it. I was proud of myself. And I looked and felt great! My hormones were all out of whack from losing weight too quickly and I didn't have a period for 7 months at one point. But dammit, I was thin. I then leveled out and maintained a pretty healthy weight for my body type and I decided to start running and a little 5K lead me to a half marathon at the end of 2010. While training for that, I was in the best shape of my life! I was comfortable and happy with my weight and overall health. I even did another half marathon at the end of 2011! (Which I am not proud to say that I did not train properly for, but did it anyway.) And then 2012 happened. My Lord, did it HAPPEN. I am 99.99% sure I had Illio-tibial band syndrome which is caused by overworking your legs so, in early 2012 I really slacked off on the running and working out in general. Running too much/not training properly is what causes the ITBS in the first place so I just stopped running altogether. And my ITBS went away. Imagine that. Then I got lazy, I got bored, I had no motivation. Cut to gaining some weight back and feeling like a big, (let's just say it) fat, failure. I went up 2 pant sizes and my boobs got ginormous -- which is not a good thing. So, now here I am... a chubby girl wearing the size 10 jeans I swore I would never wear again, who has come to terms with the fact that I let myself go. It's my own fault and I can openly admit that. Shit happens.

I've recommitted to getting back to what I was though. I've actually been using my gym membership that I pay for each month and running here and there. It feels good! So, here I go again. My favorite jeans are calling my name.

I'll update every week with my results. And I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyway so this works out nicely; I get to put all of this out there and yet know that no one will see it. Win win.