Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6 weeks. 42 days. A month and a half.

Today marks 6 weeks until I leave for London.

And it is a scary thought!

It is down to the wire now. This trip is no longer just a thought or a dream but it is really happening...happening as in going to occur in 42 daaaaays! Ahhhh!!

I bought my ticket to ride the London Eye yesterday and tomorrow I'm booking a Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Oxford tour. The original plan was to tour Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath but....Bath? Really? Pass. That specific tour was too expensive anyway.

So, there it is. Today marks the 6 week countdown!

November 1st will be here in no time....whether I am prepared....or not.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"All the people in this world, let's come together, more than ever, I can feel it...can you feel it?"

Today marks ten years since the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Yesterday I ran a 9.11K (5.66 miles) with the 9/11 Remembrance event here in Las Vegas. On my race bib was a printed out label with the name of someone who perished on that day. I was running in memory of Robert J. Maxwell. I didn't know him, I never met him but I somehow now feel connected to that person. Knowing that I was running in memory of someone who lost their life on that day made it all that more real.

I just typed his name into Google to find out that he died at the Pentagon, where he worked, on the morning of September 11. He was 56.

Ten years have gone by. An entire decade has passed.

We will never live in fear and we will never forget.