Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't think, just run...

Half marathon training this time around feels different. And I'm not exactly sure how.

Last year it was all-consuming, what I thought about alllll the time, what I woke up thinking about and the last thing I thought about before I went to sleep,

Maybe I'm just used to all this now? Maybe I was just over thinking the whole thing last year because it was my first one? I can't say for sure.

I mean, I am definitely excited and I want to push myself to be better than last year but I guess I'm not taking it as seriously as I did the last time 'round.

This half marathon IS a big deal to me - but now I guess I just know what to expect.

My worst fear is that I'll end up over training like last time and end up with injuries again. I want to feel good and be intact when I cross the finish line this time. And I also really, really, reeeeally want to beat my time.


On Sunday afternoon, amidst some light house cleaning, I got sucked into watching an NBC sports "documentary" on the 2010 Iron Man competition in Kona, HI. By the end of the thing I was literally in tears. For a split second I even considered making a goal of doing one by the time I'm 40. (I think that was a rash decision which needs a lot more consideration...remember, I said I CONSIDERED making the goal.)

The limits to which all of these athletes pushed themselves was incredible. One man had crashed into another athlete during the 118-mile long biking leg and literally walked the entire 26-mile long marathon while in excruciating pain and limping. The man had probably broken bones and yet still managed to finish the competition by the cutoff time of midnight. I definitely cried when he crossed the finish line and dropped to his knees. Ah, incredible.

The whole thing was absolutely inspirational. The camaraderie among the participants, the sheer magnitude of each leg they had to complete, to limits to which they pushed their bodies and minds....*sigh* so amazing.

I don't know if I could ever complete one. But damn, it WOULD be cool.

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  1. Every single time I watch the ironman or those documentaries I cry. I am a sucker for a great sports story.