Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peter Rabbit is a friend of mine...

I made a big decision today. I am going to start a vegetable, herb and flower garden. And I am quite excited about it.

My sister gave me a silly Crayola tomato growing kit last week and with the help of a few kiddos, we successfully planted 20 or so tomato seeds into the proper pellets. Ten days later I have 20 seedlings sprouting from the pellets inside of the makeshift greenhouse!! I can hardly believe it! One day there was nothing and the next day I start to see the beginnings of tiny plants! It's amazing!

With my "success" from the tomato plant seedlings I thought to myself this morning, what else can I grow? And from there my garden idea took root. Ha. Pun intended.

I don't consider myself to have very much of a green thumb...maybe a yellowish, lime-greenish thumb...but a green one? Eh, that's up for debate. I can keep a house plant alive and thriving plus I am pretty good with flowers. House plants and measly flowers are child's play. I'm ready for the Major Leagues. I'm ready for a vegetable garden! (With a few herbs thrown in...oh, and some flowers too. For aesthetic purposes.)

In my garden I will grow...

- Broccoli
- Cauliflower
- Carrots, baby
- Cucumbers
- Lettuce, various varities
- Pumpkins
- Radishes
- Spinach
- Summer squash
- Tomatoes
- Zucchini

As far as herbs go...

- Basil
- Dill
- Garlic
- Lavender
- Mint
- Parsley
- Rosemary
- Terragon
- Thyme

And I want to try my hand at growing strawberries too.

Ambitious for a first time grower/gardener? Yes. But I'm willing to try this process out.

My top 3 reasons for wanting to grow my own food are as follows:

- In an attempt to start leading a more sustainable lifestyle
- Cut down on grocery costs at the store
- The health benefits of eating organic produce grown in my own backyard

I am really looking forward to this endeavor! I've got to get going on getting some seeds and planters. I need to have my crop started by this Sunday!

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  1. Wow! you are ambitious! I have time to plan my garden, since it is still freezing out. But, I have always only done one or two at a time. Tomatoes and cucumbers and green peppers.
    Last year I planted some blackberry and I hope it actually has fruit on it this year.