Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lessons learned...

So many stories start out the same way.

You meet a boy. He's cute. He tells you you're (really) pretty. He has a cool name. He is funny. He is smart. He has good teeth! He makes you laugh. You make him laugh. You have some things in common. He is sort of really, really great. You think he would be fun to date. You finally decide to go on a date with him. And it is perfect. It may even be qualified as The Best First Date To Date. And then another date. And that one is even better. It may even be qualified as the Best Second Date to Date. After that it's official: you actually LIKE him. And he likes you too. And somehow "it" feels different. Then you can't wait to see him again. And you make plans. And he makes you swoon. And he says exactly what you're thinking.

Then the story turns.

This goes on for a few weeks - and then? And then it all changes. He starts thinking too hard. And subsequently breaks your once In Like heart. And you cry. Not a lot, but a little. And then you're stuck in the period of wanting to remember every little thing but wanting to completely forget it all at the same time. And then you're just down right pissed because he was a really good kisser, and you cringe when you remember the forehead kisses. (Ughhhhh! Damn you and your damn forehead kisses!)

Then you realize all the things you could have overlooked but still bothered you really would have been deal breakers in the end. And you see a glimmer of hope in that. You get over this boy in time, though, because after all...he was just a dude, and dudes come and go. You learn a lessson because of it too - never consider dating a Socialist who wears Raybans and hates board games. (Who hates board games?!?!)

Aaaaaaaand....I'm over it. Yep. Done.

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  1. Love you sis. You killed me twice with the forehead kiss, but at the end of the day this post was beautiful. Movin' on.