Thursday, February 17, 2011

Road block(s)...

Right when I (think) I'm getting back into a running groove - boom! Side tracked. Again. My most recent road block happened about 5 weeks ago when I caught a touch of sickness. I had a pretty sweet cough, and my throat constantly hurt from the delicious PND. I couldn't bare the thought of attempting to run knowing that I probably wouldn't be able to breathe! I recovered from that after a few weeks and even ran a few times when I felt all right.

I ran a mile at a 10:24 pace (A PR!) a week or so ago and on Monday of this week I did it again - ran a mile at a 10:24 pace. Tuesday morning I woke up with a cough AGAIN. In addition to the cough, I was wheezing as well. I do have asthma, but it rarely acts up...mainly just in the Fall and Spring. It never really effects my breathing when I'm running; I think I've built up enough stamina to be able to control my breathing well. Anyway, Tuesday...cough, wheezing, nasty congestion. I narrowed it down to either picking up some germ somewhere or from being out in the elements the day before. The air quality in this city sucks. The weather is changing, there are all sorts of allergens in the air, I suppose it could have been anything. The point of all of this is that I have a 5K to run this Saturday and want to be healthy. I feel like I haven't been at 100% on the healthy scale for WEEKS now. That is so unlike me. I'm NEVER sick! My immune system normally knocks out any and all germs I come in contact with - but this time, it was different. Maybe I should consider more Vitamin C?

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