Sunday, February 20, 2011

Race Wrap Up #2

My second race of the year was yesterday! I did the Las Vegas Fat Boy 5K, which was put on by the Las Vegas Track Club. The race took place not too far from my house; just over a mile away. Conveniently enough it was at the exact track that I often venture to during the week to train. The race had a start time of 12:00 p.m., which is new for me. I am used to early morning start times! Not having to get up with the sun was very nice. There were just over about 300 participants of all ages. I think I saw tiny little 7 or 8 year olds and even some "senior citizens." The race was split up by weight classes. Mine just happened to be named "Only Lite Beer For Me". HA! Each class started two and a half minutes apart so there wasn't a huge crowd of people starting at once. After a little bit it was my turn to go. I was stretched out and excited to start. Right after we took off I even got to see my sister and niece and mom who were just past the starting area. They've never actually seen me in a race, so it was fun to finally get to be able to be greeted with some friendly faces who offered tons of encouragement. So, as it turns out, the weather wasn't cooperating. The forecast called for rain ALL day and for some wind. I could have dealt with rain...but that left the WIND. And let me just Awful. Awful. Awful. I hit a wind wall at about a half mile in - and was hard to run into. I forged ahead anyway and was quite pleased with my finish time. I knew I wanted to redeem myself after last month's debacle and I certainly felt good when I found out my time. I finished in about 35 minutes. That's not too far off of my first 5K time of 34:29 last year - which I hope to beat next month at the Six Tunnels To Hoover Dam 5K.

So, that is that. Number 2 of 12 complete! 10 more to go.

*I finished in 35:06 and was #26 of 41 in my age division. I finished 170th overall.


  1. Was so glad to be there too! What an amazing day! Looking forward to your next 10!

  2. Another race! You are awesome! Keep up the good work!