Monday, January 17, 2011

Race Wrap Up #1

I did the Running from an Angel 5K on January 8 in Boulder City, NV. I was super excited to start the year off right after I made the goal of doing one race per month. I went to Boulder City the night before to pick up my race packet and the shirt we got is so cool! Definitely the best shirt I've received so far. As we all's ALL about the shirt.

So, Saturday came around and my mom accompanied me to the race. It was pretty cool to have a "coach" come along. She carried my stuff, toted my water bottle, took pictures, it was awesome. There were not very many people at all! Maybe a few hundred total. The event consisted of a 50 mile ultra-marathon, a marathon, half, 10K and 5K. The 5K started at 8:45 a.m. The weather was pretty nice - the temperature was in the low 50's at race time. I was pumped and ready to go; had visions of bolting out of the chute and breaking my PR. To make a long story short - it didn't really end up that way. First of all, right out of the chute was allllllll uphill for about a 1/4 mile. Ugh. Not a good way to start off in my opinion. As I climbed I was regretting not warming up enough - my thighs were ON FIYAH!!! So, I cleared the top of the hill and was keeping a pretty good pace. I felt really winded, like I couldn't catch my breath (which is unusual) and had to take a walk break about a mile in. I started running again after a minute or so and could see an aid station up ahead. I grabbed a cup of water and headed on. Little did I know that the aid station was THE TURN AROUND for the 5K. Let's just say it was NOT clearly marked...and I didn't realize it until I was about a 1/4 mile past it. Stupidly, I had to ask a guy who was approaching behind me and he assured me that the turn around was behind us. I was so embarassed. With my head hung in shame I turned right around and went BACK the 1/4 mile to the turn around. I ran through at top speed so as not to be recognized. On the way back I felt pretty good, but I was so mad I missed the turn around. I kept on and descended the big hill we had gone up at the start with some serious speed. I crossed the finish line in 41:22. Unbelieveable. My first 5K was 34:29. That's like a 7 minute increase! Talk about disappointment. Good thing I've made the goal to do a race each month....that means many more opportunities to redeem myself.

The shirt!

I haven't decided on a race for February but I did jump ahead to March and signed up for the Six Tunnels To Hoover Dam 5K on March 12 as planned. This race was my first ever last year so I'm looking forward to doing it again. This time my friend and sister have both committed to doing it - so I can forsee a little competition going on.

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