Saturday, July 17, 2010

3 weeks down, 20 to go...

July 11 - 17, 2010

This week started what I like to call the "running ONLY" work outs. My training schedule still consists of timed runs, but now I am strictly running...non-stop. No more running a mile or so and then walking for a few minutes. It's all running, all the time from here on out.

Sunday: Ran for 35 mins - 2.45 miles on treadmill

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Ran for 35 mins - 2.52 miles on treadmill

Wednesday: Ran for 40 mins - 2.8 miles outside at 5:00 am

Thursday: Body Pump class @ the gym

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Ran for 50 mins - 3.56 miles on treadmill

Saturday marked the first day that I had to ice my knees after my workout. I think they were sore due to the fact that I hardly stretched before running and that I hadn't run since Wednesday. Lesson learned. Always stretch!

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