Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wrappin' it up...

This week I:

- Got a new shampoo and conditioner. This is BIG for me. I have religiously used Redken Clear Moisture shampoo and conditioner for years now, but lately I have noticed my hair isn't what it once was. After a trip to Ulta, armed with a great coupon, I left with a bottle of Biolage Cooling Mint shampoo and one of conditioner. So far, so good. I like it! I also feel like it is the time for a haircut. I'll have to make an appointment soon.

- Attempted to buy a new swimsuit. I have been so excited for swimsuit this year and I couldn't wait to buy a new one because my old one is ginormous on me now. Over the course of 2 days and at least 4 stores, I ended up empty handed. One pieces are awkward: the torso is either too long or the rear is baggy, the Tankini's I tried we weird: not a lot of coverage or support, and I'm not brave enough to wear a bikini....yet. I got my Athleta catalog in the mail and decided that I would try my luck with a suit from there. They have a lot of cute options!

- Made my first Animal Control call. Woke up early on Monday morning, which I thankfully had off of work, to go for a run. About a mile in, I noticed that I had attracted a small dog somewhere along the way. It was only when I stopped at a stop sign and took out my earphones that I heard paws on the ground behind me. Said dog was friendly and had no collar. After deciding to continue on my run, the dog followed right next to me...even circling around my feet and trying to jump up to greet me. I tried to talk some sense into the little thing, encouraging him/her to go back home and it wasn't listening. After about another half mile of it running right next to me, I thought my best bet was to report the dog, because I surely couldn't take it home. I somberly reported the dog to animal control, who said they would send out a unit to pick it up. I tried again to convince the dog to return to wherever it came from and finally had to outrun it when I got to the park. I will be the first to admit that I am not an animal lover, but I genuinely hope everything went well for it!

- Ped-Egg'd my thumb nail. While giving myself an at-home pedicure, my thumbnail somehow got in the way and I definitely took three good chunks out of it with the Ped-Egg. The result is fascinating. (No blood involved, thank God.)

- Was declared as having a clean bill of health. (Duh. I've always been as healthy as a horse...) I Went for my annual "womanly exam"/follow up appointment for something that I thought could potentially be a big deal. (This is MY blog, I can write what I want...even if it does involve the Woman Doctor.) As it turns out, it wasn't a big deal at all. After months of worry and crazy Googling/WedMDing, I was pleased to find out that nothing is or ever was wrong with me. All it cost for my doctor to tell me I was perfectly healthy was about $500 over the course of about 5 weeks!! I have insurance but apparently I have the crappiest.plan.on.the.planet. Over $300 for blood work, $100 for an ultrasound, $10 for a prescription, and $40 per visit to the doc. Ugh. All of that for her to say I am perfect. Thanks, Doc.

- Had two glasses of wine for dinner one night. And man, oh, man were they delicious! I love a nice glass of Pinot Blanc every once in a while. I mixed one glass with orange juice, don't judge me! Drinking wine for dinner isn't all THAT bad...

- Got my first sunburn of the year. While supervising my child care kids while they did water play I decided it was time to start working on my summer tan. I exited my house as myself and one hour later, reentered as a lobster. I had no idea I would burn so easily or fast. Good thing about me is that although I am prone to burning, it only lasts a few days and then turns straight into a tan. But, dang it, these tan lines I am left with are obnoxious!

- Saw "Sex and the City 2". Side note: and was entirely disappointed. Dare I say it...maybe there never should have been a #2. Ugh. I'm trying to forget I even saw it. Best part of the whole experience: seeing it alone. There's something so liberating about going to the movies by myself.

- Read a really cool book. I picked it up Monday night at Borders, and finished it today. It's called Better Single Than Sorry , by Jenn Schefft. More on the book in another post...

- iTunesed my new favorite song. I heard it a few weeks ago on X107.5, but didn't catch the band name or song name so I had to wait impatiently to hear it again. I was so happy when I did! It's called "Wild and Young" by American Bang. Along with that song, I am also currently listening to "Up on the Ridge" by Dierks Bentley and "This Time Around" by David Nail.

What a week.

Half marathon training starts in 22 days. 3 weeks from tomorrow actually!

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