Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love lululemon...

While on the search for a decent (and non-uni boob forming) sports bra that would not only be functional during my training, but would be comfortable as well...I stumbled upon lululemon. (www.lululemon.com) They have a sports bra called the Ta Ta Tamer and many women who own it, love it! It has received rave reviews as being one of the BEST sports bras around. I am a well endowed gal, so I knew I couldn't just have any 'ol bra off the rack at some sporting goods store. The Ta Ta Tamer has my name written all over it. I ventured down to the Fashion Show Mall, where there is a lululemon athletica store. I snatched up the bra as soon as I saw it. Upon trying it on, I had wondered where this amazing thing has been all of my (bra-wearing) life!! It's like wearing a piece of HEAVEN!! Who knew that a little bit of fabric and two straps would be so awesome! I do realize I am raving about a sports bra here...but it's just.so.great! Plus, having a super awesome sports bra is a MUST when doing the type of running that I am doing and that I will be doing way more of.

Here's a picture of the Ta Ta Tamer in all of it's super-awesome sports bra goodness!!


In addition to the bra, I picked up a pair of shorts as well. The Run:Tracker Short are just what I need for the number of miles I will be running in the excruciatingly hot Las Vegas heat this summer. After trying a bunch of different pairs, I asked the sales girls for their opinion. They both agreed that the Tracker was better. It even has a cute little side zipper pocket. I have had an awful time figuring out where to put my phone and ID when I run now, so having the pocket will prevent me from having to store all of my loot in my shirt. (True story, and it is not a pretty sight.)


lululemon is my kind of store!

I have completed my half marathon training supply purchases!!

- New running shoes? Check.

- Good socks? Check.

- Awesome sports bra? Check.

- Lightweight, comfortable shorts? Check.

UPDATE: Me, in all of my new running gear...

UPDATE 06/17/10: Have ran about 10 miles while wearing my new lululemon gear...and the results are in! Both the sports bra and shorts are great! The bra fits perfectly and doesn't rub or pinch. The shorts are good too....all except for one minor detail. There is only one pocket, and I put my phone in it when I run outside. That side of the shorts tends to fall down a little so I have found that I pull them up occasionally. Other than that, both good purchases! I highly recommend lululemon for all of your active wear needs.

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