Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hittin' the links...

I played my first 9 holes of golf! I have wanted to learn how to play for a couple years now and golfing apparently runs in my blood so I took advantage of the opportunity to play last week. A couple that I know works at a golf course, so we all spent the afternoon playing. I had only ever played putt-putt and been to the driving range years and years ago, so I was a little nervous. Thankfully there weren't too many people playing that day, so my insecurities subsided quickly. As the day wore on, my swing got better. I wasn't very good about hitting the ball very far but I did hit it really straight every time, which is important I guess. *insert shrug*

All in all, it was really fun! The whole experience was memorable and I plan on going a lot more now that I realize how much fun it is. I even worked on my golf swing in my backyard a little bit in the evenings last week. I left that day with sore arms and sunburned legs, but I still loved it. Now, I need to invest in some golf shoes and hopefully I will work my way up to getting a nice set of clubs in the future. Plus, I want to wear some super cute golf outfits!

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