Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's always good to make goals.....right?

Whoa. It's March. Long time, no....write?

I am skipping the last 6 months and diving straight into writing about what I am currently most excited about. Deal with it. However, maybe I'll track back and update on a few of the highlights that went on with me. Who knows.

Ok, so...I ran (without stopping) my first 5K on March 13. I did it in 34:29, was the 95th female to finish and was 8th in my age division to finish. It was the Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam Half Marathon and 5K, just in case you were wondering. I did it! I ran it! The 5K portion that is...

See below for proof.

Yes, me, the former...let's just say it...fat-girl, the girl that thought she was allergic to sweat, the girl that tried every excuse in the book to skip P.E., the girl that has never played a competitive sport in her entire life. THIS girl ran a 5K. Yeah, yeah, yeah...5K, BIG deal. But au was a BIG DEAL to me. It's a whopping 3.1 miles! When I saw the finish line from about 100 yards, all I was focused on was crossing the finish line. Man, oh, man was it awesome in the end!

So, now...after not so much deliberation...I've decided to run a half marathon. True, 13.1 miles. I will be running (and let's hope finishing) the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Marathon on December 5, 2010. It's in 9 months. Well, practically 8.

Here's how I look at it: if I ran 3.1 miles....what's another 10?! No biggie. It's in the bag. (So, I say that now. Pre-training.) I realize that many hours (more importantly...miles) will be dedicated to training for this - and I am quite accepting of it all. I also realize that the actual training hasn't even begun yet, I am just in the "Wooohoo!! I am going to run a half-marathon!!!" phase.

I honestly don't even know how this idea came about. One moment I am researching the next 5K race I can do, and the next moment I have mentally committed to running (ok, completing) a half-marathon. What else are my legs for if not to take me places?!

I read an insanely great book called The Non Runner's Marathon Training Guide For Women, by Dawn Dais. I have about 17 neon Post-it flags sticking off of the pages where I've marked something in particular that I find to be helpful or funny. The author was very much a non runner (much like me) up until she herself decided to run a marathon. A FULL marathon. A 26.2 mile long marathon. She overcame all the strenuous training and did it. If she can, I can too! (Let's not get too ahead of ourselves....I am only doing a half.)

So, that's it then. This is my proclamation to the world. Ok, or maybe just to my 4 readers. I will be doing a half marathon on December 5, 2010. I will start to train intensely in June. I think a good 6 months of training will suffice. Here's hoping, anyway.

I'm not one for all of that motivational "go get 'em!" type of stuff, but this is what I told myself today while I was contemplating what it might be like to complete a 13.1 mile course:

My body is can be stronger.
My mind is can be clearer.
I am determined, I am dedicated and dammit.... I CAN DO IT!!